Top Trips for Reconnecting With Nature

Reconnect with wildlife and the natural world on these planet-hugging trips.
Nick Dauk
10 Mar 2022
It’s time to step away from the unrelenting noise of everyday life and retune your spirit with the healing sounds and sights of nature. The waterfalls in Bali and cloud forests of Costa Rica will cleanse your aura, though you need not venture far to find relaxation amid these soul-soothing landscapes. Replace the soundtrack of the city with the peaceful melodies of Mother Earth as you skip through wildflower meadows in California and summit the rocky peaks of Scotland on these top Culture Trip trips.
1 . Britain’s Last Frontier: Exploring the Outer Hebrides

Island-hop around the Hebridean Isles of Scotland’s mystical northwest, taking seven days to explore true tranquility in a speckled landscape that was seemingly ripped from a storybook. Journey 100mi (160km) from Inverness, yet feel millions of miles further from the mainland as you wander wild beaches and hike through the flat-topped hills of Raasay. On each new isle, a gift: serene scenery in Skye, heritage in Harris and long walks on the golden sands of Lewis.

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2 . Pura Vida: a Jungle Safari of Costa Rica

To connect with a place as biodiverse as Costa Rica, you’ll have to witness the wild during the day and night. This extensive nine-day trip will keep you engaged with moonlit sloth viewing in Monteverde and whitewater rafting through La Fortuna. When you’re not drinking in the country’s coffee culture, take your head out of the cloud forest and down to the shoreline with surf lessons and mountain biking in Tamarindo.

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3 . Island of the Gods: the Ultimate Bali Itinerary

With its balmy climate and astonishing blue waters, it’s not surprising that some of the friendliest people in the world live in Bali. Get to know what makes the locals so content by swimming in waterfalls, biking around rice paddies and experiencing aerial yoga. You can even offer a sacred symbol of gratitude known as a Canang Sari at Batukaru Temple – you’ll certainly want to give thanks for such a life-changing trip.

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Additional reporting was contributed by Siobhan Grogan.